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KS1 Resources

Key Stage 1 focuses on getting to grips with reading and writing while encouraging curiosity in all other subject areas too. We've got the top online tools, book lists, educational TV show guides and loads more to help your KS1 child find the fun in learning.

A key stage 1 girl playing with her mum. Image
Little girl holding up a clock, learning to tell time.

How To Teach A Child To Tell Time With These Easy Tips And Tricks

Tudor style houses on the street with their black and white design.

How To Make A Tudor House Model With Kids

A miniature model Viking longboat with the Norwegian flag as the sails.

How To Make A Viking Longboat Model With Kids

Child learning phonics and letters using colourful plastic letters laid out on the table.

Phonics Phases: What They Are And Why They're Important

Florence Nightingale nurse cartoon

Florence Nightingale Timeline For Kids

Read these Great Fire of London facts for kids to learn everything you need to know about this famous historical event.

15 Interesting Great Fire of London Facts For Kids

A white cat with a black patch on its face being stroked on the chin. The cat and hand stroking it are in view.

17 Puurrr-Fect Children's Books About Cats

Schoolboy studying at kitchen table and his parents working with him.

Year 3 Spelling Words To Practice

Year 2 girl being tutored in Year 2 spelling words.

Year 2 Spelling Words

Boy reading on the floor following the Oxford reading tree

Oxford Reading Tree Explained For Parents

Little girl doing is yeast alive experiment

Is Yeast Alive? A Fun Experiment For Your Kids

Girl learning about split diagraph

What Is A Split Digraph?

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