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KS3 Resources

It's a big jump from primary to secondary school, so we've made sure your kids in Year 7 to Year 9 have access to all the educational resources they need, from science experiment ideas and creative writing prompts to virtual lessons and online activities.

A key stage 3 child working with their mum. Image
Image of a cell splitting during cytokinesis.

12 Amazing Cell Membrane Facts For Kids

Kids in science class wearing lab coats and goggles learning about mitochondria.

42 Best Mitochondria Facts For Kids

Chloroplast found in the plant cell.

Fun Chloroplast Facts For Kids

A wide-eyed frog on a table staring at the camera.

Dichotomous Key Explanation For Kids

Read these Tokyo facts to learn all about the Japanese capital.

20 Fascinating Tokyo Facts For Kids

siblings creating history craft learning activities for kids

History Craft Learning Activities For Kids

geography craft activities kids

7 Geography Craft Learning Activities That Rock

Plant Cell Model Making.

Making Your Own Plant Cell Model At Home Is THIS Easy

Children doing maths homework

Maths Homeschool Resources For KS2 And KS3

Child enjoying the rain

Brrrrilliant Weather Learning Activities By Age Group

Boy playing on his laptop.

I Gamed, I Saw, I Conquered: The Best History Games For Kids By Age Group

Learning about space

17 Fun Milky Way(s) To Learn About Space By Age

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