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Play & Games For Kids At Home

Get inspired for your play time at home with this great range of family activities, including educational quizzes, the best board games, active indoor and outdoor adventures, themed gaming ideas and imaginative play suggestions for when you’ve exhausted your games cupboard.

A set of dice to play games with at home. Image
When kids's toys sometimes get the better of parents

Revenge Of The Toys: When Playthings Fight Back

Games to play in the park encourage creativity.

Imaginative Fitness: How To Keep The Kids Active With Creativity

If you're stuck for things to do with the kids this half term never fear!

110 Ideas For Things To Do At Half Term

Lego is a classic enduring toy for children and adults alike.

8 Amazing Lego Models To Inspire Your Kids

Check out the 7 positive alternativs to Blue Monday

7 Positive Alternatives To Blue Monday

 Laughter is the best medicine.

12 Ways To Get The Family Giggling

Lockdown rules put tight restrictions on what we can do outdoors.

Mini Outdoor Adventures For Exercise, Fun And Frolics

Read on the find out 7 ideas for family Twixmas

7 Ideas For A Family Twixmas

Kidadl have mapped out the origins of your favourite toys.

Mapped: The Surprising Origins Of Your Toys

There are many easy and impressive tricks you can do at home to teach the kids about light and shadows.

Trick Of The Light: Wow The Kids With These Simple Torch Effects

The days are shorter and the temperature's dropped; it could be quite nice to snuggle up and get cosy as a family.

Ways To Keep Warm And Cosy Through Winter

Kidadl have rounded up the top 30 lockdown projects to keep you entertained, and we have plenty more for you too.

Kidadl’s Top 30 Ideas For Lockdown Projects